Pulled Pork Tacos: Mouthwatering Delight


Pulled pork tacos are a popular American barbecue dish made with shredded barbecued pork shoulder mixed with a sauce and served in a taco shell. The meat is slow-smoked over wood, and indoor variations can be made using a slow cooker.

Pulled pork is a classic Southern U. S. Dish, typically enjoyed with coleslaw, salsa, and other delicious toppings.

1. What Are Pulled Pork Tacos?


Pulled pork tacos are a mouthwatering dish that originated in the Southern United States. This delicacy features tender, slow-smoked pork shoulder that is shredded and mixed with a delectable sauce, creating a flavorful and satisfying filling for tacos. The smoky flavor of the pork, combined with the tangy sauce, makes for a truly irresistible combination.


Pulled pork tacos are a type of American barbecue dish that is centered around shredded barbecued pork shoulder. The pork is slow-smoked over wood, resulting in a tender and flavorful meat. The smoked pork is then manually shredded and mixed with a sauce, which enhances its taste and adds a rich and savory element to the dish.


The origins of pulled pork tacos can be traced back to the Southern United States, where barbecue is a beloved culinary tradition. The slow-smoking method used in preparing the pork is a testament to the region’s commitment to capturing the authentic flavors of barbecue. Over time, the popularity of pulled pork tacos has spread across the United States and beyond, captivating the taste buds of food enthusiasts everywhere.


2. Difference Between Pulled Pork And Carnitas


2. Difference Between Pulled Pork and Carnitas


Cooking Method


One key difference between pulled pork and carnitas lies in the cooking method. Pulled pork is typically slow-smoked over wood or cooked in a slow cooker, resulting in tender and flavorful meat. On the other hand, carnitas are cooked in their own drippings, allowing the meat to become crispy on the stovetop or under the broiler.




When it comes to textures, pulled pork and carnitas also differ. Pulled pork has a melt-in-your-mouth texture as the meat is slow-cooked and shredded, while carnitas have a combination of crispy and tender textures due to the cooking process.


3. Delicious Sides For Pulled Pork Tacos

Delicious sides for pulled pork tacos include coleslaw, salsa, guacamole, and french fries. These flavorful additions complement the juicy pulled pork filling perfectly.


When it comes to enjoying a plate of mouthwatering pulled pork tacos, having the right delicious sides can take your meal to the next level. Whether you prefer something tangy, spicy, or crispy, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are five tantalizing sides that will perfectly complement your pulled pork tacos:

3.1 Coleslaw


Coleslaw, with its crunchy texture and creamy dressing, adds a refreshing contrast to the rich flavors of pulled pork tacos. The combination of shredded cabbage, carrots, and a tangy dressing creates a harmonious balance that enhances every bite. The coolness and lightness of coleslaw make it an ideal accompaniment to the tender and flavorful pulled pork.


3.2 Salsa


A fiery salsa is a must-have side for those who crave a bold and spicy kick. The fresh combination of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and spices brings a burst of flavor to each bite of pulled pork taco. The vibrant colors and zesty taste of salsa create a sensational contrast to the smoky and savory pulled pork, making it an irresistible combination.


3.3 French Fries


For those who enjoy a satisfying crunch, crispy french fries are the perfect side dish for pulled pork tacos. The crispy exterior and fluffy interior of french fries provide a delightful contrast to the tender and succulent pulled pork. Each bite is a textural explosion of flavors, making it an excellent accompaniment to your taco feast.


3.4 Guacamole


No taco meal is complete without a dollop of creamy guacamole. The smooth and buttery texture of mashed avocados combined with zesty lime juice, onions, and cilantro elevates the flavors of pulled pork tacos to new heights. The subtle sweetness and richness of guacamole perfectly complement the smoky and robust flavors of the pulled pork.


3.5 Pico De Gallo


Pico de gallo, also known as fresh salsa, is a vibrant and refreshing side dish that adds an extra layer of flavor to pulled pork tacos. The combination of diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice provides a burst of freshness and acidity that balances the richness of the pulled pork. The crunchy texture and lively flavors of pico de gallo add a delightful twist to every bite.


Pulled Pork Tacos: Mouthwatering Delight

4. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos Recipes

Looking for a delicious and easy way to enjoy pulled pork tacos? You’re in luck! We’ve gathered three mouthwatering slow cooker pulled pork taco recipes that are sure to satisfy your cravings. These recipes are perfect for busy weekdays or lazy weekends when you want a flavorful and satisfying meal without spending hours in the kitchen. Let’s dive into the recipes!


4.1 Creme De La Crumb Recipe


If you’re a fan of spicy flavors, this recipe from Creme De La Crumb is for you. It combines tender pulled pork with hot sauce, adobo sauce, salsa, and smoked paprika for a burst of bold and smoky flavors. The slow cooker does all the work, allowing the flavors to meld together and create a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Serve the pulled pork on warm tortillas and top it off with your favorite toppings like avocado, cilantro, and lime juice. It’s a recipe that will leave your taste buds begging for more.


4.2 Downshiftology Recipe


If you’re looking for a unique twist on pulled pork tacos, try the recipe from Downshiftology. This recipe combines tender pulled pork with creamy goat cheese, tangy orange pickled red onions, and fresh cilantro. The combination of flavors is truly something special, elevating your taco game to a whole new level. The slow cooker ensures that the pork is juicy and tender, making every bite a delight. Serve these tacos at your next gathering, and watch as your guests rave about the unique and delicious flavors.


4.3 Simple Joy Recipe


For those who prefer a sweeter taste, the recipe from Simple Joy is a must-try. This recipe combines tender pulled pork with a sweet and savory glaze made with brown sugar, beef broth, and adobo sauce. The result is a succulent and flavorful pork that is perfect for stuffing into warm tortillas. Top it off with crumbled cotija cheese for a creamy and tangy finish. These pulled pork tacos are a crowd-pleaser, and you’ll be coming back for seconds.


So, whether you prefer spicy, tangy, or sweet flavors, these slow cooker pulled pork taco recipes have got you covered. They are easy to make, incredibly delicious, and guaranteed to satisfy your taco cravings. Give them a try and let your taste buds go on a flavor-packed journey!


5. Crispy Bbq Pork Tacos Recipe

Pulled Pork Tacos

Pulled pork tacos are a delicious and satisfying meal that combines the smoky flavors of BBQ pork with the crunch of a crispy taco shell. This recipe takes it up a notch by adding a crispy twist to the traditional pulled pork taco.


5.1 Over The Fire Cooking Recipe

If you’re a fan of cooking over an open fire, then this recipe is for you. With just a few simple ingredients and a grill or fire pit, you’ll have mouthwatering crispy BBQ pork tacos in no time. Here’s how to make them:


1. Start by marinating your pork shoulder in a mixture of your favorite BBQ sauce, adobo sauce, and smoked paprika. Let it sit for at least 1 hour, or overnight for best results.
2. Preheat your grill or fire pit to medium-high heat. Place the marinated pork shoulder on the grill and cook for about 2-3 hours, or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F.
3. Once the pork shoulder is cooked, remove it from the grill and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then, shred the meat using two forks.
4. Heat a skillet over medium heat and add a drizzle of oil. Place a tortilla in the skillet and let it heat up for about 30 seconds on each side.
5. Fill each tortilla with a generous portion of the shredded BBQ pork. Top with your favorite toppings, such as pickled red onions, cilantro, and crumbled goat cheese.
6. Fold the tortilla in half and press it down gently with a spatula. Let it cook for about 2-3 minutes on each side, or until it becomes crispy and golden brown.
7. Remove the crispy BBQ pork taco from the skillet and repeat the process with the remaining tortillas and filling.
8. Serve the crispy BBQ pork tacos hot with a side of salsa and enjoy!


These crispy BBQ pork tacos are perfect for any barbecue or camping trip. The combination of smoky, tender pulled pork and the satisfying crunch of a crispy taco shell will leave you craving more. So gather around the fire and indulge in these mouthwatering tacos.


6. Popular Variations Of Pulled Pork Tacos

Pulled pork tacos are already a crowd favorite with their juicy, flavorful fillings wrapped in warm tortillas. But did you know that there are several popular variations of this delicious dish? Let’s explore two mouthwatering variations that will take your taco game to the next level.


6.1 Smoked Pulled Pork Tacos


Smoked pulled pork tacos are a barbecue lover’s dream. The tender, smoky flavor of the pork adds a unique twist to these already delicious tacos. To make them, the pork shoulder is slow-smoked over wood, creating a rich and smoky taste that perfectly complements the other flavors in the taco. The meat is then shredded and mixed with a sauce, resulting in a delicious filling that will have you coming back for seconds.


If you don’t have a smoker, don’t worry! You can still achieve that smoky flavor by using a slow cooker. Simply season the pork shoulder with a flavorful rub, set the slow cooker on low, and let it cook for hours until the meat is tender and easy to shred. The end result will be just as delicious, and you’ll have guests asking for your secret recipe!


6.2 Carnitas (mexican Slow Cooker Pulled Pork)


If you’re looking to add a Mexican twist to your pulled pork tacos, then carnitas is the way to go. Unlike traditional pulled pork, carnitas are cooked in their own drippings until they become crispy on the outside, while still remaining tender on the inside. The result is a flavorful and texturally diverse filling that will make your taste buds dance.


To make carnitas, simply marinate the pork in a delicious blend of spices and citrus juices, then slow cook it until it becomes tender. Once the pork is cooked, you can transfer it to a hot skillet or broiler to crisp up the edges and add that delightful crunch. The contrast between the crispy exterior and the juicy interior is what makes carnitas truly special.


When it comes to serving pulled pork tacos, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer the smoky goodness of smoked pulled pork tacos or the crispy texture of carnitas, you can’t go wrong. Top them off with your favorite salsa, avocado, and cilantro, and enjoy a flavor-packed taco experience that will leave you craving more.


Frequently Asked Questions For Pulled Pork Tacos

What’s The Difference Between Pulled Pork And Carnitas?

Pulled pork and carnitas are different because carnitas are cooked in their own drippings to make the meat crispy, while pulled pork is typically slow-smoked and shredded with sauce.

What Is The Difference Between Tacos And Carnitas?

Tacos and carnitas are different because tacos are typically marinated and grilled or cooked in a skillet, while carnitas are cooked in their own drippings and then crisped on the stovetop or under the broiler.

What Is Good With Pulled Pork?

Pulled pork is a delicious American barbecue dish made from slow-smoked shredded pork shoulder. It is often mixed with a sauce and can be enjoyed in many ways, such as in tacos or with coleslaw.

What Do You Serve With Pork Tacos?

Serve pork tacos with hot sauce, adobo sauce, salsa, smoked paprika, goat cheese, orange, pickled red onion, cilantro, brown sugar, beef broth, cotija cheese, and adobo sauce.


To sum it up, pulled pork tacos are a mouthwatering combination of tender, slow-smoked pork shoulder mixed with flavorful sauce. Unlike traditional pork tacos, the goal of carnitas is to achieve a crispy texture. When it comes to serving, coleslaw, guacamole, and salsa are all excellent choices.

So, next time you’re craving a delicious and satisfying meal, give pulled pork tacos a try!

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